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We're more important to society - and your life - than you might think. Without us, Moscow would be a much less wonderful place to live. Without literacy and the free exchange of ideas and information, democracy will fail. Therefore, our mission is to serve readers, writers, and thinkers of all ages with a handpicked selection of great books and gifts, a schedule of engaging events, a variety of community services, and an inspiring, comfortable place in which all are welcome.


The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association has just posted the PNBA Bestseller List for August 23, 2015. This list shows books that are bestsellers in our region, and while there is some overlap with national bestseller lists, there are many that are unique to our region!


Do you appreciate being able to buy tickets at BookPeople for all sorts of cultural events? Did you know we lose a considerable amount of money on credit card processing fees and staff time for providing box offices services for so many organizations? Please show your appreciation and help us continue providing this service by also buying a book when you're picking up your tickets. Thank you!


You know that you improve the entire community when you shop at BookPeople. You can also benefit the specific organizations of your choice! Apply your bookstore purchases whenever you shop to one of the participating organization's customer accounts, and we will donate to them a percentage of our profit from that sale.


A note from the American Booksellers Assn. Indiecommerce team regarding credit card processing on our website:

A recent change in PCI security requirements supporting secure connections to browsers obliges us to effect an update that may have consequences for some customers, mostly those who attempt to complete a transaction on their older phone or tablet.

To be clear, customers can still access and browse sites. This update affects only the secure connection necessary to complete a credit card transaction.

We've attempted to identify affected operating systems and believe the following will not work. You'll note that with a couple of exceptions, these are mobile operating systems.

  • Windows versions older than Vista (released 2007)
  • OSX versions earlier than 10.7 (released 2011)
  • iOS versions earlier than 4 (released 2010, original iPhone and iPod touch only)
  • Windows Phone versions earlier than 8.0 (released 2012)
  • Android versions earlier than 4.3 (released 2013)

Android devices are harder to identify since Google doesn't push updates directly to phones. New releases are given to handset makers before distribution to users and some handset makers sell phones running old versions of Android long after a new version becomes available. Android 4.4, which is compatible, was released in 12/2013, but handsets running 4.3 were no doubt still in the market in the early part of 2014 and may be affected.